The following are the rules of conduct on EFnet #oman and Dalnet #zorba. Anyone violiating the rules will be subject to appropriate penalty.

Basic fact: our's is a friendly channel that welcomes all users no matter what their race, religion or nationality. It is a place for friendly chat and discussion with all interesting people. The following rules are only made to keep the channel friendly and manageable.

Definition of the duty of channel operators (OPS)- An OP's duty is to keep the channel open and friendly. It is his/her duty to keep the channel orderly and to keep all fights away from the channel. OPs are chosen based on their behavior on the channel and the amount of time they spend on the channel. OPs have the right to kick and/or ban any user off the channel (after sufficient warning of course) for violating any of the following rules. However, OPs are also subject to the same rules, they are not above them.


#02 We do not use any auto-kick scripts for language. Censorship is lame. However, excessive Vulgarity will be not be tolerated.


#04 No depraved discussions.

#05 The official languages are English and Arabic (arabic in roman letters, not arabic fonts). English is the prefered language of discussion.

#06 Users who want to talk in any other language (eg Baluchi, Swahilli..etc) are welcome to start their own channels.

#07 Kicking is a last resort only (why all these rules then ?)

#08 IF a User and an Op have a personal disagreement, it must not affect the User's status within the Channel. Take your problems outside the Channel.

#09 All fights MUST be taken outside the channel. No exceptions.

#10 The ignore command was invented for a purpose. Use it.

#11 Politeness will be the norm, or else. So greet Users.

#12 To gain Ops speak to an Op. Matters will be forwarded from there on.

#13 Do Not kick or abuse the Bots!

#14 Do Not Bring Bots into the Channel without ample Prior notice.

#15 Bans will only be put to protect the Channel.

#16 Do not repeat yourself unnecessarily.

#17 Do NOT use CAPS unnecessarily.

#18 Do not stay idle on the channel for excessive periods of time.

#19 Talk Publicly wherever possible.

#20 Ops shall not +@ other Users unless they are certain of their identity and good intentions. Loss of Ops can result for serious violations of this rule.

#21 No excessive "lame" use of colours.

#22 No use of lame auto response scripts, PLEASE?

#23 No repeats of /AWAY msgs. Once is enough!

#24 If you are involved in a takeover or hacking/trouble making in other Channels do not associate our channel with your actions.

#25 Users shall not takeover other users nicknames. NEVER!

#26 No colour or script tests in the channel!

#27 NO Flooding.

special thanks to Ahmed Al-Shabibi.

Comments or Suggestions? please write toOsamah Abdullatif